IDNet donation helps open an IT room for school in remote Ayensusko, Ghana.

Ayensuako is a rural community located three hours drive from Accra, Ghana’s capital. It is home to Humanitas’ school where Wi-Fi was either extremely limited or non-existent. A few years back we helped them achieve their mission to bring WiFi to this remote village.

We have been providing free Wi-Fi and Internet services to their office in Hitchin for several years. Together we decided to come up with a solution to bring the Internet to Ayensuako.

Last year with the help of our donation, the amazing people at Humanitas achieved their dream of bringing computers to the school. They opened an IT room to help the students to broaden their career opportunities when they leave, there is no resource like this anywhere else in the region where they do their amazing work.

These children have never used a computer before and they were so excited to have a go!

Secondary school students working at computers for the first time.

The school now has an IT teacher running the classes and with our help they are all hooked up to the internet.

Humanitas are an incredible charity that work tirelessly to bring a better way of life to the people of this remote village, you can read more about the amazing work they do here

If you would like to help Humanitas by sponsoring a child’s education, you can do so here

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IDNET, bringing WI-FI to rural Ghana

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