IDNet Sponsor arts organisation The Living Theatre 🎭

Throughout 2024 IDNet will support a range of exciting and innovative theatre and arts projects. 

We have teamed up with The Living Theatre Whitwell, an outdoor arts organisation, born out of the pandemic. Their mission is to provide access to the outdoors and arts, increase the wellbeing of local communities and provide support for those wishing to enter the arts. 

A natural amphitheatre and beautiful outdoor performance space has been crafted in rural Hertfordshire by a troop of enthusiastic artists and the local people. 

Co-creative Director Emma Fisher said “We are run by a core creative team plus a large group of wonderful local volunteers. We are thrilled to be working with IDNet. Being both a B-Corp and a local company it seemed like a natural fit. Sustainable practices and mentorship are woven into all of our projects, along with a bigger goal to cultivate innovative approaches within the theatre industry. 2024 will be a milestone year with a programme spanning every season.”

Their current winter season sees a reimagining of the classic ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ tale. 

“It’s an immersive woodland trail called Through the Wardrobe” explains Emma. “It’s a community centred project, beginning on Waterhall Farm, St Paul’s Walden and ending in The Living Theatre space in Whitwell; engaging the audience with the natural environment along the way and encouraging outdoor activity in the winter months. All our actors and creative team are locally based, we are running on a profit share basis meaning any profit will go directly to local creatives and reinvested back into The Living Theatre. The project is run on battery and solar power and is produced in accordance with our environmental goals.”

Throughout the year the organisation we will also be running an eclectic mix of events with a desire to introduce new audiences to the outdoor space including: 

  • June Ball – This is an evening of dance, glamour and drinks under the stars. An annual event that has proven widely popular as a way to kick off the summer season.
  • Sustainable art trail – Running from June – September, an exhibition of sustainable artwork created by local artists. Each piece will be designed for the space and with the natural environment in mind.
  • Macbeth – Will run early September for two weeks. It will feature local performers and have mentorship opportunities for young artists.
  • Diwali event – A collaboration with local South Asian artist Amandeep Dhillon to curate a celebratory event for Diwali at the theatre.
  • Christmas tour – Repeating a successful touring model of ‘A Christmas Carol’ will see performances in venues across Hertfordshire. 

IDNet director Tim Davies said “We are so impressed with the creative ambition of The Living Theatre and we’re really looking forward to participating in the productions both as audience members and potential volunteers.”

The Living Theatre

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