Future-Proofing Remote and Hybrid Working With Full Fibre

In the post-pandemic era, full fibre (FTTP) connections will help UK businesses future-proof their remote and hybrid working in several ways. 

FTTP provides faster, more reliable, more secure, and more flexible broadband connections for staff who work from home or from different locations. It can help them to access online services, collaborate with others, protect their data, and adapt to changing needs.

The benefits to employers are compelling:

Improving productivity and efficiency: Fibre internet can enable faster and more reliable access to cloud-based services, online collaboration tools, video conferencing, and large file transfers. This can help remote and hybrid workers to work more effectively and seamlessly with their colleagues, clients, and partners. According to a study by the Centre for Economics and Business Research, fibre broadband could boost the UK economy by £59 billion by 2025.

Enhancing security and resilience: Fibre internet can provide more secure and robust connections than copper-based broadband, as it is less vulnerable to interference or damage. This can help remote and hybrid workers to protect their data and devices from cyberattacks, and to avoid downtime or disruption due to network failures. According to a report by the Federation of Small Businesses, cyberattacks cost UK small businesses an average of £1,300 per year

Increasing flexibility and scalability: Fibre internet can offer more flexibility and scalability for remote and hybrid workers, as it can support a wide range of devices, applications, and bandwidth demands. This can help businesses to adapt to changing needs and opportunities, and to accommodate different working styles and preferences. According to a survey by the Institute of Directors, 74% of UK business leaders plan to maintain increased home working after the pandemic.

FTTP is not yet universally available in the UK, especially in rural and remote areas. However, the government has launched a new £5 billion ‘Project Gigabit’1 to accelerate the rollout of gigabit-capable broadband across the country. This could help more UK businesses to benefit from fibre internet and to future-proof their remote and hybrid working arrangements.

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