IDNet MiFi – Customer Spotlight – Julian Calverley

Julian has been an IDNet customer for over 20 years. At home and in his studio he has an IDNet Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) connection.

Professional photographer Julian has recently been using IDNet’s new Mobile Data service – ‘IDNet MiFi’, whilst out on location shoots and has kindly provided us with some feedback.

“As you can see from the results below, IDNet’s Mobile Data plan gives me fantastic download and upload speeds, which is crucial for me as I need a lot of computing power to work on the imagery and the ability to upload and transfer files to clients and cloud storage. Without a fast and reliable mobile data connection I simply couldn’t perform these tasks. My IDNet Mobile Data connection is central to my business when I’m on the move.”

“The above speedtest results are from Nortonbury near Baldock, Hertfordshire. It’s a rural location surrounded by farmland with quite a trek to the nearest town! The land line internet speeds here are quite poor, as you can see the connection is far superior while using IDNet’s Mobile Data Sim”

“Once I wired my IDNet MiFi device to my desktop MacBook Pro I was getting 25.3Mb down and 22.2Mb up!”

“These two results are from a coastal location shoot in Scarborough, signal is notoriously bad in these areas but as you can see the IDNet MiFi device provided some impressive upload speeds, especially when compared to what we were getting in our apartment!'”

Find out more about IDNet’s Mobile Broadband here

Julian Calverley is a leading advertising and landscape photographer.

He works with some of the worlds most recognised brands shooting automotive, lifestyle, underwater and location images.

On location in Death Valley, California for Land Rover

Glen Sligachan, Isle of Skye, from Julian’s award winning book North Northwest
From Julian’s award winning book North Northwest… ‘Wreck of the Dayspring, Loch Diabaig, N.W. Scotland – 2007

A word from Julian.. “I’m very proud that North Northwest went on to win Best British book and Book of the Year at the BD&P awards.

The book is A3 landscape format and case bound. It is available in 3 options… Signed Limited Edition, Signed Slipcase Edition with your choice of an A3 print and Collectors Edition with your choice of two A2 prints”

“This portrait was part of a project that we undertook to demonstrate our ability to composite a studio lit portrait, with a separately shot background.

In the case of this image the background was shot on the Isle of Skye and the model was photographed over 600 miles away, in Holborn studios London. The stylist carefully chose the wardrobe to sit with the background colour palette, I had a retoucher expertly cut out the models, leaving every hair and fibre in tact and then I undertook the final composite blend and colour grade.”

From the same project, one of Julian’s most well known images, it was even used on an episode of BBC’s QI!

Rodel Harbour, Isle of Harris.

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