IDNet dramatically accelerate internet speeds

Guess what?….Over the last 12 months, according to a report by ISP review, comparing year-on-year performance, IDNet have improved download speeds by 99.76% and #upload speeds by 60.19%.

ISP review, in their independent annual round up of ‘Top Fastest UK Mobile and Home Broadband ISPs’ identified the average download speed of the top 10% of national providers in 2021 was 63.31Mbps and the average upload speed hit 13.88Mbps. Yep, IDNet’s numbers comfortably beat these averages.

IDNet Director Tim Davies commented “While we are always careful to read too much into these league tables, what is absolutely clear is that consumers and business looking to make ethical and sustainable choices don’t need to be concerned with compromising on performance. On the contrary, we are showing that B Corps are the pace setters when it comes to fibre broadband.”

Get amongst the stats here or go straight to our availability checker and see how fast you can go

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