SoGEA Broadband – A quality data connection, ideal for remote workers.

Installing a separate business broadband connection at home could be an attractive option for many home workers and their employers.

In a typical household there are many daily demands on domestic broadband. Streaming movies, watching catch up TV, gaming, schoolwork, shopping, plus video calls with your nearest and dearest.

If working from home has become the new normal, you’ll probably know that there are times of the day when taking a conference call, hosting a video meeting or uploading work to remote servers becomes a little bit more tricky.

Anyone running a home-based enterprise, or employees who are going to be spending more time working from home, might consider installing a dedicated business connection. Some firms are even paying the installation costs for remote staff, so they can guarantee a robust dedicated connection and ensure uninterrupted continuity of service.

A new type of connection offered across the Openreach network, makes it possible and affordable to install a dedicated ‘broadband only’ line without the cost of telephone line rental.

The service is called SoGEA, which stands for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access. But what does this mean? How does it work? And what are the benefits?

Say goodbye to compulsory voice land lines

Traditionally, if you wanted to get broadband for your home on BT Openreach’s national copper-based network, it came all rolled into one with a voice enabled line.  Plus, there was no way to avoid paying line rental charges for something which you may not use. This has all changed with the roll out of SoGEA

SoGEA generally refers to Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC) based broadband services and the benefits are as follows:

  • Saves money as you are not connected to the voice network in the exchange. You no longer have to pay for something which you are not going to use!
  • Improved reliability as there are no voice frequencies being used on the line. Less interference means a more stable connection.
  • Better options for dedicated home working solutions including the ability to run VoIP telephony systems.

SoGEA is still being rolled out across the UK by Openreach, so there is a chance it may not be available in your area yet.

You can check availability via the IDNet Customer Portal. If you have any queries get in touch via email to

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