IDNet becomes UK’s first certified B Corp ISP

We have some exciting news to share, IDNet is now a B Corp!

We are the first telecommunications company in the UK to receive this honour and the first UK Internet Service Provider (ISP).

So what are B Corps, and why become one?

B Corporations (or B Corps) are a growing group of companies who are reinventing business, by pursuing purpose as well as profit.
 They are redefining what ‘success’ looks like in businesses.

This success is not just mindless profit, but rather, we think, what we would all like to see for our planet: sustainability, inclusivity, equality and compassion.

There are currently over 3,000 Certified B Corporations in more than 50 countries around the world with around 300 here in the UK.

Household brands such as Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia, Innocent Drinks, Danone, Teapigs and The Body Shop are all Certified B Corporations.  And now IDNet can be counted alongside such organisations that balance purpose and profit.

IDNet has always seen its mission as more than that of profit alone. We are very proud of our customer service, and dedication to providing the fastest network. 

So, with the challenges the world is facing, we felt it our responsibility to make radical change in the way we do business.

How we became a B Corp

Like all before us, we went through a rigorous process to ensure we met the standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.

This took into account all the things we do to reduce our waste and carbon footprint. For example, IDNet’s offices and data centres source their electricity from 100% renewable companies.

Meanwhile, our social impact was assessed, giving us the chance to proudly show what we do to support those in need (see more below).

The future

The spirit of the B Corp isn’t just CSR and some recycling. No, B Corps are pioneers! From Bulb’s mission to make renewable carbon-neutral energy available to all, to Winnow using tech to reduce food waste in kitchens.

We are in awe of the B Corps out there. We’ll be learning from and working with them. And hope that we have started a greater movement in our industry by becoming the first UK ISP to be certified.

Yet this process has been a time of reflection for us, as we’ve not only interrogated the fine details of our business practices, but thought more about how we can focus on making real positive change.

That’s why IDNet will do its bit to influence partners and suppliers throughout the ISP supply chain to consider becoming a B Corp. Or at least take a good look at their social and environmental impact. And we hope to work with them too; to change our industry for the better.

What our director says:

 Tim Davies welcomed the news saying “This is an enormous milestone for the company, and we are excited about taking our customers and supply partners on the journey with us. The process has already helped to add more context and meaning to our ‘Everything Connected’ message”.

Tim continues “When people choose to buy products or services on the high street, online or from a business supplier, they should look out for the B-Corps popping up across all sectors of the economy. Supporting these businesses is an opportunity to be part of something better.”

 Want to know what we do? Check out some of our projects:

Ramsden Bellhouse


Find out more about B Corps in the UK

To find out more about our products and services, visit or call 0800 331 7000.

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