IDNet supports full fibre project in Cambridge

Cambridge was chosen as an ideal city for full fibre roll-out because of the community’s strong technology sector, a world-renowned University and the council’s unwavering commitment to ‘smart city’ initiatives.

With a new, independent, citywide full fibre infrastructure, Cambridge will be able to enhance its long-standing reputation as a globally competitive digital city; transforming online services, increasing productivity, sparking innovation and driving economic growth by creating new jobs, attracting start-ups and enticing further inward investment.

Full fibre is the best connectivity option available to a business, but in many cities smaller businesses find it challenging to order or afford one. Soon, full fibre connectivity will come as standard in Cambridge and businesses of all sizes will be able to enjoy the speed, efficiency and productivity benefits previously only accessible by the largest businesses.

Full fibre is up to 100 times faster than the UK’s average business connections, meaning companies using this service can make the most of their digital capabilities.

Communities will also benefit. Ultrafast connections to council sites, schools, NHS sites, community hubs and sheltered accommodation will improve services for residents. Plus, ‘Smart City’ applications will be enabled such as intelligent traffic control, parking management and high definition CCTV systems.

The project was made possible earlier this year when The University of Cambridge and Cambridgeshire County Council opened up access to over 100km of ducting beneath the City.

Cambridge Fibre Network

Cambridge-wide deployment of the full fibre network is expected to be largely completed by 2021, but some sections of the city are already up and running.

If you are a resident or business within a CB1 postcode, contact our support team to see what’s available at your location.  Call 0800 331 7000 or email

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