Customer Spotlight: Jon Foster, Operations Director, Absolute Audio Visual Solutions.

Tell us a little about your company and the services you provide:

Absolute has 4 core services it offers. They are

  1. AV equipment rental. This can be to businesses, educational establishments and venues. It tends to focus on local clients, but is not restricted to those who are close to us.
  2. Technical event production and project management. This services our agency and end client business with a completely managed technical solution, generally within the UK, but through Europe and across the globe.
  3. Permanent AV installation. As well as supporting our clients with temporary solutions, we have an installations division, who install equipment into business premises, lecture theatres and venues on a permanent basis.
  4. Scenic design and build. We have an exhibition stand contractor as part of our group of companies, and we can design, build and install bespoke exhibition stands across Europe, as well as manufacturing stage sets and graphic prints in house.

Our base is near Cambridge, but the events we work on span the whole of the UK and increasingly we travel across Europe, the US and even as far as Japan and Australia.

What are the main ways you use your internet connection?

Three main ways really.

Firstly, internal comms and telephone systems. We have around 35 staff and often scale up to incorporate freelance technicians and project managers. We connect everyone at the office and those working remotely though our VoIP telephone system, so internet connectivity is critical here, as well as fast reliable access to our IT systems.

Next is the movement of large files. We deal in all sorts of media. Clients send us content for their events. PowerPoint slide decks, videos, photos, branding etc. Often files are huge, and we have to upload, download and send vast amounts of data. We’re always working to tight deadlines so can’t afford for data traffic to snarl up or stop.

Finally, storage and security. Everything is backed up to the cloud. Our equipment inventory, quoting, project management, financial and HR systems are all backed up in real time.

How do you benefit from a fast and stable internet connection?

Absolute’s business operations demand robust internet connectivity. We simply could not deliver the level of service demanded by clients without a fast and stable connection.

We’ve recently upgraded to an IDNet leased line and the difference is astonishing. Calls don’t drop out, large files are transferred in seconds and emails fly out before you’ve even blinked.

We have our own video edit suite and pushing out HD content to clients has become so much quicker and reliable.

What do you like best about IDNet?

Based on reputation, we chose IDNet to provide a leased line connection into our new build warehouse and I’m so glad we had their support.

They patiently liaised with the contractors and made sure that all technical aspects were covered.  Steve and the IDNet team were brilliant. We are now up and running with flawless symmetrical speeds touching 100Mbps.  I can’t rate them highly enough.

In many ways IDNet are like Absolute. They are experts. They care about doing a good job. And they actually give a damn about the end result. Having a single point of contact throughout our new build really project helped. I like their attitude, their service and of course the speed.

Have you had any bad experiences with other ISPs in the past?

Hasn’t everyone! Just like calling any large utility company, I used to dread being put on hold and having to re-explain technical issue each time I called.

Would you recommend IDNet?


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