Customer Spotlight: Jamie Milnes – Director, Double Underscore

Tell us a little about your company and the services you provide: 

Double Underscore is a website development and graphic design agency based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire specialising in corporate branding, designing and building websites, and developing back office management systems.

What are the main ways you use your internet connection? 

We use our internet connection predominantly to upload large print-ready artwork files, deploy websites, create eNewsletter campaigns, handle social media, hold video conferences, share visuals with our customers, and occasionally remotely connect to client’s machines to help troubleshoot email issues.

Website design for GO – Global Outsourcing

How do you benefit from a fast and stable internet connection? 

Quite simply our business could not run without a fast and stable internet connection. Deadlines are everything to us, so to have the speed that we have means we can deliver our work to our clients or publish websites on time. Our 100MB EtherPro connection is astonishingly fast, especially when it comes to upload speeds, and the speed never seems to drop out due to slow down even at peak times. We can move huge entire websites in a matter of minutes which is an absolute godsend if sites need to be relocated to another server.

What do you like best about IDNet? 

The best thing about IDNet is they are responsive and super approachable. You deal with a human being too, being on first name terms with the support team is really reassuring. There’s hardly any issues day to day however, on the few occasions we’ve needed support, they’ve jumped into action to help resolve the problem. We love the fact they are a local business too. It’s great to know our money is going back into the local economy.

Have you had any bad experiences with other ISPs in the past? 

We’ve been with Virgin Media & BT before and both have always been slow to resolve issues, so as far as we’re concerned, we won’t be moving away from IDNet now!

Would you recommend IDNet? 

100%, Without hesitation. Our connection is so much more reliable than the other ISPs I’ve been with. 

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