Customer Spotlight: Iain Fraser, Director, Netduma

Tell us a little about your company and product:

We are Netduma, the developers of DumaOS, a router operating system for your home network. Our software optimises your connection and gives you control over your network.

We have users in over 100 countries and we recently partnered with NETGEAR, the world’s largest router vendor

What are the main ways you use your internet connection?

Testing our software requires frequent, intensive use of the Internet connection into our office. But we also run our marketing and operations from the same location, so we need a connection that can support both our product development as well as our regular Internet use.

How do you benefit from a fast and stable internet connection?

All businesses need a great Internet connection, but we need it more than most because our product is focussed on improving our customers’ connection quality. So it is very important that our office has a very high-quality connection otherwise we would be unable test our product or improve it. It would be like a Formula 1 team putting bad fuel in their cars!

What do you like best about IDNet?

One of the many great things about IDNet is that they are very conscientious about not oversubscribing their network, so we can be assured that our line quality will not be degraded by other customers.

In the rare event you need to speak to support, we have found it to always be very quick to respond, as well as knowledgeable.

To put it another way, it’s not for nothing that IDNet regularly top Think Broadband’s highest rated ISP table!

Have you had any bad experiences with other ISPs in the past?

Before I started my business (when I had more free time), I would love to play games online. There was nothing more frustrating than my Internet dropping out; it would ruin my entire gaming experience. My ISP would also often oversubscribe its bandwidth, so my download speeds would crash during peak times. If only I had known about IDNet back then!

Would you recommend IDNet to your UK Netduma customers?

100%. Our customers use our software to get the best connection possible, so we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a great ISP like IDNet.

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