Customer Spotlight: Joanne Wearne – Fundraiser, Humanitas

Tell us a little about Humanitas and the work the organisation does

Humanitas is a young, creative, grassroots charity that has worked for more than a decade to protect and care for some of the world’s most vulnerable people.  We specialise in working in areas of extreme poverty or crisis critical regions where there is limited or no existing government or charitable support. We run medical, educational and foster care projects in the UK, Romania and Africa and we send medical teams to deliver urgent treatment to refugees living in temporary camps around the world.

What’s your role in the team?

I work as part of the charity’s small but very effective team here in Hitchin, and I am responsible for raising funds for our Safe Homes for orphaned and abandoned children in Romania and to help run our primary school for 230 children in the remote village of Ayensuako in Ghana.  I am also working to bring Humanitas and our work closer to the Hitchin community.  We have a growing number of volunteers and supporters in the town and have plans to open a community garden at the back of our shop on Bucklersbury. 

How important is internet connectivity to you and your team?

The Humanitas office is based at the back of the shop on Bucklersbury in Hitchin and we all use the internet every day to post new social media activity and search for new funders.  We are planning on becoming a completely paperless charity and will communicate with existing and new supporters through videos, blogs and social media in future.  Good connectivity is vital for our work.

Customer Spotlight: Joanne Wearne – Fundraiser, Humanitas
Jo with two of the children that live in Humanitas Safe Homes in Romania

What were your internet issues prior to getting an IDNet connection?

Before we had an IDNet connection our internet was really slow and some of the team were unable to access it if others were connected.  It was so frustrating and we spent a lot of time on the phone to our provider trying to solve the problem.  Our contact with our previous provider was faceless and every time we called we spoke to someone different and had to explain the issue all over again.  It was so time consuming and tedious!  We had various bits of equipment sent to us and spent long periods of time on the phone to them trying to fathom out what they were for and how they should be used.  In a nutshell, it was soul destroying!

Was it a smooth process getting set up with IDNet?

So smooth!  It was like a breath of fresh air.  For the first time we actually met a person and spoke to them face to face!  Someone from IDNet came to the office and talked through what was happening and suggested a solution.  The internet was installed and we’re now up and running…..we’re all so relieved that we can get on with our work!

Have you had any bad experiences with ISPs or broadband in the past?

Yes plenty …intermittent broadband, lots of time spent on hold on the phone, countless conversations in technical language that we didn’t understand and generally a deeply un-pleasurable experience.

What do you like best about IDNet?

That they’re REAL people that talk to you like a real person and treated our internet problems as if they were their own.  They listened to our issues and provided solutions that they explained in a way that was easy to understand.  IDNet managed to sort our internet issues out quickly and with minimal disruption to us… it was a revelation! 

Would you recommend IDNet?

Absolutely!  For any business or charity, time spent trying to sort out things like internet connections is time wasted and we are really grateful to IDNet for all the support they have given us.

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