Intelligent Inbound Call Services (IICS)

Smooth, fast and reliable communications are the lifeblood of any business. In particular, all inbound calls should be handled quickly and effectively. As businesses grow they may need to:

  • Handle the peaks and troughs of inbound calls more effectively
  • Meet financial and regulatory targets through better call handling
  • Eliminate poor handling of inbound calls which is costing them revenue or reputation

If your company is looking for a solution that includes cost-effective, flexible and scalable call handling and routing; an effective queueing system for high volumes of calls; recording and transcription features; and statistical and reporting tools our new IICS system fits the bill.

Smarter call handling with IDNet IICS

IICS complements and extends IDNet’s existing telecoms portfolio by making high-value features from the cloud available on a simple Pay As You Go basis.

From a standard single phone line, it’s now possible to give you complete control over your inbound calls. We provide a range of highly advanced inbound call management features, designed to boost efficiency, cost-effectiveness and productivity – all leading to a great customer experience!

It’s a unique solution, packed with a wide array of impressive features and is suitable for business customers of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are running a business from home or scaling up to meet increased demand, these features will help you appear even more professional.

Sophisticated interactive voice response features:

  • Speech recognition and routing
  • Call queuing with intelligent announcements
  • Music on hold and callback options
  • Call recording and online storage
  • Digit capture and text-to-speech capability
  • Comprehensive reporting

To discuss your inbound call service requirements, please contact Steve Waters on 0800 331 7000 or email

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