Customer Spotlight: Alex Jackson

Meet 15 year old Alex Jackson – A young IDNetter with business ambitions

IDNet isn’t just for ‘grown ups’. Young people at home and in schools benefit from our super-fast connectivity. We thought it was time to get a teenager’s perspective. It turns out they are pretty savvy about what they want from a broadband provider. Alex Jackson is a typical example. Here is what he has to say

What are the top 5 ways you use your wi-fi broadband connection?

I use Wi-Fi quite a lot actually. I use it with my PS4 to play games online, with my iPhone to go on social media and my computer to do school work. At home we use an iPad to watch the latest shows on Netflix and on TV we stream catch up. Nowadays, the only thing I watch on normal TV is live sport and sometimes the news. I’d say getting online to do the things I enjoy is pretty important.

What do you dislike most about Wi-Fi

The thing that most gets on my nerves with Wi-Fi is the short distance you can move around. Because if you are too far from the Wi-Fi it disconnects or gets really slow. When I visit sites, I don’t like to see the boring cookie page where you need to accept cookies every time you visit. Web sites need to be much faster to load.

Which do you prefer, Wi-Fi or 4G?

At home it’s miles better to have Wi-Fi. It’s faster and I’m not spending my 4G for nothing.

On average, how much time do you spend online per day?

It depends what day, Sunday and Saturday 3 or 4 hours per day on my phone, Ps4 and my TV. But week time 1 or 2 hours max per day because the rest of the time I’m at school.

What are the main platforms you use?

I use mostly YouTube and Google. On YouTube I watch the Youtuber Ben Philips doing pranks on his brother and on Google all the school stuff, researching lessons and doing homework.

What do you think the internet should be like in the future?

We already are in the future… No seriously, the internet is already massively developed. There is so much you can do. Everything high tech you buy is now connected to Wi-Fi. I think it’s people that need to catch up so they can figure out what to do with all this tech. I guess in the future the internet could become a safer place without scams and bad people.

How much should people pay for an internet connection?

I think everybody should pay for an internet connection. When you get free stuff it never works or there is always some catch so you get stung for something later.

Should they teach online skills at school?

No I don’t think so because it’s so easy to teach yourself. That’s what I did. You can learn anything yourself on the internet. Recently, I learnt how to cook stuff. I searched “How to bake a Nutella cake” and I was able to read the recipes and watch the videos. I’m also using Google translate to help me learn Spanish. I might to business studies at Uni and so I’m learning for myself about the main topics.

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