Customer Spotlight: Pete Stevens – Director, Mythic Beasts

Tell us a little about your company:

“Mythic Beasts is a cloud hosting company, we run the servers for thousands of clients and tens of thousands of websites. We deal with anything from little websites like the Cambridge Beer Festival right through to larger sites like Raspberry Pi.

We’re a proper cloud organisation, we’ve never had an office and all of our staff members work from home. In addition to traditional cloud services (virtual machines, dedicated servers) we also launched the first ever Raspberry Pi Cloud where you can rent your Raspberry Pi on an hourly basis in the cloud.”

What are the main ways you use your internet connection?

“Everyone works from home, if there’s no internet our staff members can’t do any work! So good internet access is a requirement for our company along with a reliable oxygen supply. Time spent diagnosing internet access issues is time we can’t spend servicing our clients.”

“We carry out lots of long running tasks, an internet drop in the middle can result in having to restart a piece of work, so we need reliable access to our data centre network. IPv6 is a necessity, we offer IPv6 only services to many customers and without reliable and supported IPv6 connectivity staff members simply can’t do their jobs. IDNet were one of the first ISPs to adopt IPv6 in the UK and are therefore great match for our business. IDNet and Mythic Beasts installed a private interconnect between their core networks to guarantee high speed highly secure and uncongested connections.”

What do you like best about IDNet?

“The support. The ability to phone or email with an issue and know that you don’t have to repeatedly explain the same issue to get it resolved. When IDNet say “I’ll phone you back” it is to avoid wasting my time, not to get rid of me”

“We’ve recommended IDNet to several of our customers looking for fast internet access and access to Mythic Beasts hosted services”

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