Customer Spotlight: Julian Calverley – Advertising Photographer

Julian Calverley is a leading advertising and landscape photographer with over 30 years commercial experience.

He works with some of the worlds most recognised brands shooting automotive, lifestyle, underwater and location images.

Here is just a selection of household names that Julian’s worked for: Argos, Aston Martin, Barclays, BT, General Motors, Honda, HSBC, Marks & Spencer, Network Rail, National Grid, Selfridges, Siemens, Tesco, Virgin.

One of his latest assignments has been for Land Rover shooting the all new Discovery on the Isle of Skye. “This was a perfect job for me as I’m a lifelong fan and Land Rover owner. I’m also passionate about the highlands and islands of Scotland. When the client picked up on this story, they decided to send a film crew to the Isle of Sky to make a short film about our road trip as part of their ‘great outdoors adventure’ campaign.”

“When I began my career, digital cameras and post production techniques did not exist. I set up my first studio and dark room in 1988. I can still remember the smell of processing chemicals to this day. How times have changed!”

“Today I work with a range of cameras including the ALPA system and Phase1 IQ Medium Format Digital Back which are capable of generating the highest resolution and largest possible digital files. Some of these end up on huge billboards, so you can imagine how big the data files can be!”

“I need a lot of computing power to work on the imagery and the ability to upload and transfer files to clients and cloud storage. I use services such as WeTransfer and Dropbox all the time. Without a fast and stable internet connection, I simply couldn’t perform these day-to-day tasks. My IDNet connection is central to my business.”

Julian has been an IDNet customer for over 20 years. His studio benefits from a dedicated fibre leased line circuit which means that files can travel at speeds of up to 1000Mbit/s. At home Julian has an IDNet Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) connection. IDNet also provide web hosting and telephony services for the photography business plus access to webmail services which can be handy while travelling around the world or visiting remote locations.

“In the advertising world you can live or die by deadlines” remarks Julian. “The pressure of delivering on time is immense so the last thing I need is a flaky connection which speeds up and slows down depending on the time of the day. I never get that with IDNet. The secure data transfer apps I use also give me the peace of mind that a client has received and downloaded files. It provides a high level of traceability and reassurance.”

Julian also uses his IDNet connection for conference calls and meetings. “I speak to people all over the world using Skype and the quality of video calls is always excellent.”

Julian has over 100,000 Instagram followers and is a regular poster on social media and blogs. Plus he has recently published a book called #IPHONEONLY which is a collection of stunning landscape photographs, made entirely on his iPhone. He’s even run talks at Apple stores in London, Glasgow and San Francisco on how he came to use his iPhone as a serious photographic tool… So you would be forgiven for thinking that he’s an I.T. geek. But “nothing could be further from the truth” admits Julian.

He continues “when it comes to computers and I.T. I often struggle to keep up. Things seem to change every few months. And so if you ask me what the best thing about being an IDNet customer is, I’d have to say the helpdesk customer support. If I ever get stuck, I know that I can quickly speak to someone based locally that will help me find a solution. I often speak to the same person that knows my set up and needs.”

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