Hosted PBX – Our virtual VOIP phone system

If your business is expanding, chances are that you’re thinking about upgrading your phone system.

But the potential prospect of spiralling telecoms costs, disruption from messy installations and interruptions in service connectivity….not to mention the hassle of dealing with BT make it an unappealing endeavour for most small businesses.

But there is another way – it’s called Hosted PBX.

Easy to implement, Hosted PBX gives you everything a traditional on-site phone system does – but it’s hosted in the cloud. That means it’s easier to manage and change as your business grows. Say goodbye to hardware and maintenance costs (we do that bit for you). And best of all, it offers total flexibility. You can take and manage calls from your desk phone, desktop and mobile. So you’ll never miss an important call.

Calls are crystal clear and it’s much more cost efficient. In business terms, it’s a win-win.

We offer all sizes of business the kind of advanced telephony that, until now, has only been available to large national or multinational companies. Here are some of our favourite benefits and features:

Save Money

  • PAYG model means you only pay for what you need when you need it
  • Site-to-site calls are free
  • No significant hardware needed
  • Easy to manage – no technician required
  • Excellent range of features available
  • Green IT compliant – no power, no heat generation, no cooling!

Work Anywhere

  • Voicemail to E-mail available
  • Supports multiple physical offices
  • Use desk phones, smartphones, or laptops
  • Find-me / Follow-me services available
  • Completely scalable, flexible and portable

Professional Company Image

  • Customize your auto attendant with welcome greetings
  • Provide on-hols announcements
  • Create departmental hunt groups
  • Get local numbers in any areas of your choice
  • Custom hold music supported

There are lots of other good reasons to use IDNet’s Hosted PBX. Please review the full list of features here

Set up could not be simpler. If you’re already an IDNet customer we’ll use your existing IP connection (For new customers, we’ll set up a business broadband connection for you.)

Next you get to choose the number of extensions and features you require.

Then we’ll send you the handsets to un-box and plug in.

That’s it. You are now ready to make free intra-site and cheaper UK, mobile and international calls with access to advance telephony features.

For more help and advice about Hosted PBX please contact our Network Manager Steve Waters on 01462 659 350 or email

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