Is IPv6 on your company’s IT radar?

IPv6 – the new internet addressing protocol – has been on our radar for the last few years and today we are one of only a handful of ISPs fully supporting it.

Built to military standards and reaching over 20 million premises via 5565 exchanges, our network is independently rated as one of the fastest, most resilient, and best supported networks in the UK. We adopted IPv6 back in 2012 and are currently supporting our customers with their IPv6 transition strategies.

Here are three compelling reasons why your organisation needs to be thinking about an IPv6 transition strategy.

1. It’s inevitable and happening sooner than you think

This month’s Google stats show that 12.5% of all internet traffic is now IPv6. This is increasing every day and IPv6 will soon be the only option for adding new devices or hosts on the Internet. Organisations should be transitioning to IPv6 so they’re prepared when the inevitable day comes that destinations on the Internet can be reached only via IPv6.

Embracing IPv6 sooner rather than later will give your business the peace of mind that the extinction of IPv4 won’t impact your day-to-day operations.

2. A faster and more efficient protocol

IPv6 simplifies and speeds up data transmission by handling packets more efficiently, and removing the need to check packet integrity. This frees valuable router time that can be better-spent moving data. With enough unique IP addresses to go around (and then some), organisations won’t have to rely on NAT to connect to the Internet. IPv6 eliminates most of the address conflict issues common under IPv4, and enables more streamlined connections and communication for devices

3. Better Security

When networking gurus and researchers developed IPv4, security hadn’t really crossed their minds. IPv4 was never meant to be secure. IPv6 has been built from the ground up with security in mind. Many of the security features that have been bolted onto IPv4 as optional features are integrated into IPv6 as default requirements. IPv6 can encrypt traffic and check packet integrity to provide VPN-like protection for standard Internet traffic.

Talk to an ISP that’s IPv6 ready

Our network is 100% IPv6 enabled and native IPv6 is available on all our new products. We are able to supply IPv4 and IPv6 transit over the same physical connection (dual-stack) to help your organisation make a seamless transition.

If your current your ISP isn’t IPv6 ready, then come and talk to a team that knows its way around the internet protocol of the future.

Please contact our Networks Manager, Steve Waters for more details on how we can support you.

Email: or call 0800 331 7000.

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