Wireless Internet For Hitchin Business Park

Thanks to IDNet, Wilbury Way Industrial Estate in Hitchin now has its own wireless internet network. The signal covers the whole estate and provides amazingly fast internet access to businesses who had previously struggled with a poor land line service.

According to local business Managing Director Martin Dibben from Shy Uk “Our search for a faster and more reliable internet connection has been driven by the fact that so many modern business systems are moving to the Cloud. We’ve been developing our own Cloud-based IT system and will move over to Cloud-based telephony in the near future. We wouldn’t have been able to confidently do these things with the old copper wire connection. It was painfully slow.”

Steve Waters our business manager says “businesses in the area were desperate to find a way of getting a more reliable and faster internet connection. The Wilbury Way estate is situated on the outskirts of town, and a long way from the main Telephone Exchange. Unfortunately for them, it meant slow and poor quality ADSL Broadband speeds and no access to fibre broadband in the foreseeable future”.

Steve Continues “BT were unable or unwilling to provide a date for upgrading the Wilbury Way cabinet to Superfast Fibre (FTTC) broadband. Our experience shows that they rarely upgrade small industrial estate cabinets because the number of premises connected to a cabinet are too few (compared to a populated residential area) and hence BT’s return on investment is low. This is a problem we also see at businesses and residences within rural communities.”

IDNet laid a full fibre-optic bearer cable right up into the heart of the estate. From there a high-powered ‘EtherWiFi’ narrow-beam signal is beamed to any building wishing to benefit from the service. Available internet speeds are now at least ten times faster than they were before.

“There is nothing stopping other industrial estates with connectivity issues doing the same thing. Particularly those on the outskirts of towns or in rural areas.” Remarks Steve Waters. 
“It becomes cost effective once around half a dozen businesses decide they want to do it. Any business interested in adopting a similar ‘EtherWiFi’ solution in their neighbourhood can get in touch with me at IDNet and I’ll point them in the right direction.”The final word goes to another enthusiastic Wilbury Way tenant. Jennifer Blacow, Office Manager at CADlink commented.  “In our business we work with large graphics files all the time, this new service means we can upload and download files much faster. The speeds have been even better than expected. We’ve been waiting for a solution like this for years and now, thanks to IDNet, it’s finally happened! It’s going to make a huge difference.”

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